Linea Natura has seized and enclosed the phytoiatric propoerties of propolis in two specific products:
Propol-fit and Propol-cere.

Propolis derives from waxen, rubbery and resinous substances produced by plants to protect flower buds and vegetative apices. It is used by bees, appropriately reprocessed by adding salivary secretions and wax, to disinfect the walls of the hive in virtue of the antimycotic and bacteriostatic properties ( as well as its capacity to stimulate certain metabolic functions) which certain propolis components contain. Among these the most impostant ones are polyphenols followed by essential oils, hormones, vitamins and trace elements.

Propolis can also be combined with other product for the protection of plants. For example if propolis is combined with copper or sulphate a synergic effect of the action of these parasiticides is created, allowing – with the same results - a reduction in the dosage to be distributed. The main applications are the treament – in the ornamental and fruit and vegetable sector – of numerous cryptogams, the control of certain insects, healing and disinfection of wounds caused by pruning or hail, and finally the stimulation of vegetative recovery and setting. Flowering is normally early and the sugar content of mature fruit is higher

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Cere esauste di propoli

Formulation with propolis spent waxes which can be applied to all flower plants and trees to speed up the healing of wounds caused by traumas (hail, crack due to the cold, rodents, etc.) or pruning.

Estratto di propoli in soluzione idrometanolica

Solution with a high concentration of propolis, thyme and rosemary essential oils. It can be used in all season to stimulate the natural defences of plants.

Ideal for organic agricolture, it can be used in flower, fruit and vegetable growing


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